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Term ( 1994.01.17 - 1997.04.27
Duration: 1196 days (3 years, 3 months, 10 days)
Government Type:Majority Government
Government Party: Liberal Party of Canada
Number of Sessions:2
Date of General Election: 1993.10.25
Prime Minister:
Leader of the Official Opposition:
Appointments to the Senate
Liberal Party of Canada (20)

NameProvince / TerritoryDate of Appointment
Anderson, Doris Margaret Prince Edward Island 1995.09.21
Bacon, Lise Quebec 1994.09.15
Bryden, John G. New Brunswick 1994.11.23
Carstairs, Sharon Manitoba 1994.09.15
Charette-Poulin, Marie-P. Ontario 1995.09.21
Forest, Jean B. Alberta 1996.05.16
Gauthier, Jean-Robert Ontario 1994.11.23
Hervieux-Payette, Céline Quebec 1995.03.21
Landry, Joseph Gérard Lauri P. New Brunswick 1996.02.26
Losier-Cool, Rose-Marie First Acadian woman from the Maritimes appointed to the Senate. (Source: L'Acadie de l'Atlantique) New Brunswick 1995.03.21
Maheu, Shirley Quebec 1996.02.01
Mercier, Léonce Quebec 1996.08.09
Milne, Lorna Ontario 1995.09.21
Moore, Wilfred P. Nova Scotia 1996.09.26
Pearson, Landon Ontario 1994.09.15
Pépin, Lucie Quebec 1997.04.08
Rompkey, Bill Newfoundland and Labrador 1995.09.21
Roux, Jean-Louis Quebec 1994.08.31
Taylor, Nicholas W. Alberta 1996.03.07
Whelan, Eugene Ontario 1996.08.09

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