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Term ( 2008.11.18 - 2011.03.26
Duration: 858 days (2 years, 4 months, 8 days)
Government Type:Minority Government
Government Party: Conservative Party of Canada
Number of Sessions:3
Date of General Election: 2008.10.14
Prime Minister:
Leader of the Official Opposition:
^ At Dissolution

Conservative Party of Canada (53)

NameProvinceDate of Appointment
Andreychuk, Raynell Saskatchewan 1993.03.11
Angus, W. David Quebec 1993.06.10
Ataullahjan, Salma Ontario 2010.07.09
Boisvenu, Pierre-Hugues Quebec 2010.01.29
Braley, David Ontario 2010.05.20
Brazeau, Patrick Quebec 2009.01.08
Brown, Bert Alberta 2007.07.10
Carignan, Claude Quebec 2009.08.27
Champagne, Andrée Quebec 2005.08.02
Cochrane, Ethel M. Newfoundland and Labrador 1986.11.17
Comeau, Gerald J. Nova Scotia 1990.08.30
Demers, Jacques Quebec 2009.08.27
Di Nino, Consiglio Ontario 1990.08.30
Dickson, Fred Nova Scotia 2009.01.02
Duffy, Michael Prince Edward Island 2009.01.02
Eaton, Nicole Ontario 2009.01.02
Finley, Doug Ontario 2009.08.27
Fortin-Duplessis, Suzanne Quebec 2009.01.14
Frum, Linda Ontario 2009.08.27
Gerstein, Irving Ontario 2009.01.02
Greene, Stephen Nova Scotia 2009.01.02
Housakos, Leo Quebec 2009.01.08
Johnson, Janis G. Manitoba 1990.09.27
Kinsella, Noël A. New Brunswick 1990.09.12
Kochhar, Vim Ontario 2010.01.29
Lang, Daniel Yukon 2009.01.02
LeBreton, Marjory Ontario 1993.06.18
MacDonald, Michael L. Nova Scotia 2009.01.02
Manning, Fabian Newfoundland and Labrador 2009.01.02
Marshall, Elizabeth Newfoundland and Labrador 2010.01.29
Martin, Yonah British Columbia 2009.01.02
Meighen, Michael A. Ontario (Division) 1990.09.27
Meredith, Don Ontario 2010.12.18
Mockler, Percy New Brunswick 2009.01.02
Nancy Ruth Ontario 2005.03.24
Neufeld, Richard British Columbia 2009.01.02
Nolin, Pierre Claude Quebec 1993.06.18
Ogilvie, Kelvin Kenneth Nova Scotia 2009.08.27
Oliver, Donald H. First Black male appointed to the Senate. Nova Scotia 1990.09.07
Patterson, Dennis Glen Nunavut 2009.08.27
Plett, Donald Neil Manitoba 2009.08.27
Poirier, Rose-May New Brunswick 2010.02.28
Raine, Nancy Greene British Columbia 2009.01.02
Rivard, Michel Quebec 2009.01.02
Runciman, Bob Ontario 2010.01.29
Segal, Hugh Ontario 2005.08.02
Seidman, Judith Quebec 2009.08.27
St. Germain, Gerry British Columbia 1993.06.23
Stewart Olsen, Carolyn New Brunswick 2009.08.27
Stratton, Terry Manitoba 1993.03.25
Tkachuk, David Saskatchewan 1993.06.08
Wallace, John D. New Brunswick 2009.01.02
Wallin, Pamela Saskatchewan 2009.01.02

Liberal Party of Canada (46)

NameProvinceDate of Appointment
Baker, George Newfoundland and Labrador 2002.03.26
Banks, Tommy Alberta 2000.04.07
Callbeck, Catherine S. Prince Edward Island 1997.09.22
Campbell, Larry W. British Columbia 2005.08.02
Carstairs, Sharon Manitoba 1994.09.15
Chaput, Maria Manitoba 2002.12.12
Charette-Poulin, Marie-P. Ontario 1995.09.21
Cordy, Jane Nova Scotia 2000.06.09
Cowan, James S. Nova Scotia 2005.03.24
Dallaire, Roméo A. Quebec 2005.03.24
Dawson, Dennis Quebec 2005.08.02
Day, Joseph A. New Brunswick 2001.10.04
De Bané, Pierre Quebec 1984.06.29
Downe, Percy E. Prince Edward Island 2003.06.26
Dyck, Lillian Eva Saskatchewan 2005.03.24
Eggleton, Art Ontario 2005.03.24
Fairbairn, Joyce Alberta 1984.06.29
Fox, Francis Quebec 2005.08.29
Fraser, Joan Quebec 1998.09.17
Furey, George J. Newfoundland and Labrador 1999.08.11
Harb, Mac Ontario 2003.09.09
Hervieux-Payette, Céline Quebec 1995.03.21
Hubley, Elizabeth Prince Edward Island 2001.03.08
Jaffer, Mobina S.B. Canada's first Muslim senator. First East Indian woman lawyer to practice in British Columbia. British Columbia 2001.06.13
Joyal, Serge Quebec 1997.11.26
Kenny, Colin Ontario 1984.06.29
Losier-Cool, Rose-Marie First Acadian woman from the Maritimes appointed to the Senate. (Source: L'Acadie de l'Atlantique) New Brunswick 1995.03.21
Lovelace Nicholas, Sandra Received the Governor General's Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case, 1992. New Brunswick 2005.09.21
Mahovlich, Frank W. Ontario 1998.06.11
Massicotte, Paul J. Quebec 2003.06.26
Mercer, Terry M. Nova Scotia 2003.11.07
Merchant, Pana Saskatchewan 2002.12.12
Mitchell, Grant Alberta 2005.03.24
Moore, Wilfred P. Nova Scotia 1996.09.26
Munson, Jim Ontario 2003.12.10
Pépin, Lucie Quebec 1997.04.08
Peterson, Robert W. Saskatchewan 2005.03.24
Poy, Vivienne First Canadian of Chinese origin appointed to the Senate. Ontario 1998.09.17
Ringuette, Pierrette New Brunswick 2002.12.12
Robichaud, Fernand New Brunswick 1997.09.22
Rompkey, Bill Newfoundland and Labrador 1995.09.21
Sibbeston, Nick G. Northwest Territories 1999.09.02
Smith, David P. Ontario 2002.06.25
Tardif, Claudette Alberta 2005.03.24
Watt, Charlie Quebec 1984.01.16
Zimmer, Rod A. A. Manitoba 2005.08.02

Vacant Seats (2)

Independent (2)

NameProvinceDate of Appointment
Cools, Anne C. First Black woman appointed to the Senate. Ontario 1984.01.13
Rivest, Jean-Claude Quebec 1993.03.11

Progressive Conservative Party (2)

NameProvinceDate of Appointment
McCoy, Elaine Alberta 2005.03.24
Murray, Lowell Ontario 1979.09.13

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