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Top 10 Occupations In The House Of Commons
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Businessman / businesswoman


Also includes the following occupations:
attorney, barrister, barrister and solicitor, commercial lawyer, counsel, criminal lawyer, Crown Attorney, crown prosecutor, lawyer-economist, trial lawyer

Also includes the following occupations:
advertising consultant, agricultural consultant, aviation consultant, business consultant, business development consultant, claim adjuster, communication consultant, consultant, consultant economist, consultant in international trade, consultant in management and in government affairs, consultant in urban management, consultant psychologist, consulting engineer, consulting forestry engineer, corporate affairs consultant, development consultant, economic consultant, economic development consultant, education consultant, employment consultant, environmental consultant, farmer consultant, financial adviser, financial agent / adviser / consultant, government affairs and financial consultant, human resources consultant, human rights consultant, industrial development consultant, Industrial relations consultant, insurance benefits consultant, international affairs consultant, labour relations consultant, management consultant, manpower consultant, mining consultant / prospector, personnel consultant, political consultant, public affairs consultant, public policy consultant, public relations consultant, real estate consultant, real estate development consultant, research consultant, sales and marketing consultant

Also includes the following occupations:
accounting teacher, educator, graduate assistant, tutor

Also includes the following occupations:
account manager, bank director, bank manager, business manager, business services manager, certified property manager, claims manager, development manager, executive manager, hotel manager, information manager, manager - divisional, manager - health and safety, manager - human resources, manager - printing services, manager/owner, supermarket, manager/owner, travel agency, market manager, marketing manager, office manager, personnel manager, president / manager, principal, property manager, real estate manager, sales and distribution manager, sales manager, school principal, store manager, traffic manager, vice-president and general manager

Also includes the following occupations:
adjunct professor, French teacher, professor - community college, professor (assistant), professor (assistant) - biology, professor (assistant) - commerce, professor (assistant) - journalism, professor (assistant) - management, professor (associate), professor (associate) - commercial law, professor (associate) - history, professor (associate) - medicine, professor of criminal law, professor of criminology, professor of ecology, professor of economics, professor of engineering, professor of geology, professor of law, professor of medicine, professor of notary law, professor of nursing, professor of political science, professor of sociology, professor of veterinary pathology, University professor

Also includes the following occupations:
artistic director, corporate director, director - minister's office, director general, director of fisheries, director of human resources, director of personnel, director of public relations, director of Quebec relations for the Grand Council of the Crees, director of recreational services, executive director, executive director - sustainable energy (not-for-profit), managing director, program director (radio station), railway company director, railway director, research director, safety director, sales director, stage director

Also includes the following occupations:
dairy farmer, poultry farmer

Also includes the following occupations:
broadcast journalist, reporter

Also includes the following occupations:
account executive, advertising executive, arts executive, broadcasting executive, business executive, chief executive officer, company head, construction executive, corporate executive, insurance executive, public affairs executive, sales executive

Updated on: 2009.11.09

Revised on: 2009.11.10

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