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About Senators' and Members' Profiles

About Senators’ and Members’ Profiles


The PARLINFO database contains information about the people and events that have shaped Parliament since 1867. 


The PARLINFO team makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and currency of its information, using authoritative, publicly available sources to develop the Senator and MP profiles. 


We consult:


Political, Parliamentary and governmental sources, including:


-       Senators’ and Members’ personal websites, including candidate websites

-       Political party websites

-       Elections Canada: list of official candidates and election results

-       Reports of the Chief Electoral Officer

-       Departmental websites (PMO and Ministers’ biographical information)

-       Senate of Canada or House of Commons (e.g. official roles, committee membership)

-       Guide to Canadian Ministries Since Confederation (PCO website)

-       Journals and Debates of the Senate and the House of Commons

-       Canada Gazette

-       Press releases


Publications on Canadian politics and people, including:


-       Canadian Annual Review

-       Canadian Directory of Parliament, 1867-1967

-       Canadian Parliamentary Guide; Canadian Parliamentary Handbook (annual publications)

-       Canadian Political Facts

-       Canadian News Facts

-       Canadian Who’s Who; Dictionary of Canadian Biography (annual publications)

-       Dominion Annual Register

-       Other biographical resources and related publications, including press (relevant to historical profiles of former Parliamentarians)


Copyright on parliamentarians' official photographs, including those reproduced in composite photographs, is held by either the Senate of Canada or the House of Commons. Reproduction of the images is for non-commercial use only and images must be credited to the holder, following receipt of written permission.


For further information regarding PARLINFO, please contact the team by email at  .



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