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Heads of States and of Governments who have addressed Joint Sessions of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada

What is a Joint Address?

Although most Heads of State address joint sessions of Parliament, there are exceptions. For example, on May 7, 1941, the Right Honorable R.G. Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia, addressed the House of Commons (House of Commons Debates, May 7, 1941, pp. 2629-2632) and on August 25, 1943, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States, addressed Members of the Senate, the House of Commons and the general public outside the Chambers (House of Commons Debates, January 25, 1944, pp. 5436-5438).

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Foreign Dignitaries who have addressed Joint Sessions of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada

Source: This compilation was produced from information supplied by the Journals Branch of the House of Commons. The page references indicate where the speeches delivered by the dignitaries can be found in the House of Commons Debates.

56 Heads of States and Governments

DateNameTitleHouse of Commons Debates
2016.06.29 Barack ObamaPresident of the United States of America 
2014.11.03 His Excellency François HollandePresident of the French Republicpp. 9129-9135
2014.09.17 His Excellency Petro PoroshenkoPresident of Ukrainepp. 7577-7582 (Debates of Sept. 18, 2014)
2011.09.22 Rt. Hon. David CameronP.M. of the U.K. of Great Britain and Northern Irelandpp. 1369-1375
2010.05.27 His Excellency Felipe Calderón Hinojosa President of the United Mexican States pp. 3077-3082
2008.05.26 Victor YushchenkoPresident of Ukrainepp. 6071-6077
2006.09.22 Hamid KarzaiAfghanistan Presidentpp. 3153-3159
2006.05.18 Hon. John HowardP.M. of Australiapp. 1579-1984
2004.10.25 His Excellency Vicente FoxPresident of the United Mexican Statespp. 819-825 (Debates of Oct. 26, 2004)
2001.02.22 Rt. Hon. Tony BlairP.M. of the U.K. of Great Britain and Northern Irelandpp. 1082-1087
1999.04.29 Václav HavelPresident of the Czech Republicpp. 14519-14525
1998.09.24 Nelson MandelaPresident of the Republic of South Africapp. 8380-8384
1996.06.11 His Excellency Ernesto ZedilloPresident of Mexicopp. 3697-3703
1995.02.23 Bill ClintonU.S. Presidentpp. 10036-10043 (Debates of Feb. 24, 1995)
1992.06.19 His Excellency Boris YeltsinPresident of the Federation of Russiapp. 12479-12488
1991.04.08 His Excellency Carlos Salinas de GortariPresident of Mexicopp. 19176-19184
1989.10.11 His Majesty King Hussein Ibn TalalKing of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanpp. 4570-4574
1989.06.27 Chaim HerzogPresident of the State of Israelpp. 3795-3799
1988.06.22 Rt. Hon. Margaret ThatcherP.M. of the U.K. of Great Britain and Northern Irelandpp. 16734-16739
1988.06.16 Dr. Helmut KohlChancellor of the Federal Republic of Germanypp. 16526-16532
1988.05.10 Her Majesty Queen BeatrixQueen of the Netherlandspp. 15328-15331
1987.05.25 His Excellency François MitterrandPresident of the French Republicpp. 6428-6434
1987.04.06 Ronald Wilson ReaganU.S. Presidentpp. 4960-4966
1986.01.13 His Excellency Yasuhiro NakasoneP.M. of Japanpp. 9722-9727
1984.05.08 His Excellency Miguel de la MadridPresident of Mexicopp. 3535-3539
1984.01.17 His Excellency Zhao ZiyangPremier of the State Council of the People's Republic of Chinapp. 511-513
1983.09.26 Rt. Hon. Margaret ThatcherP.M. of Great Britainpp. 27474-27479
1981.03.11 Ronald Wilson ReaganU.S. Presidentpp. 8153-8158
1980.05.26 His Excellency Jose Lopez PortilloPresident of Mexicopp. 1420-1422
1980.05.05 His Excellency Masayoshi OhiraP.M. of Japanpp. 733-735
1977.10.18 Her Majesty the Queen(Speech from the throne)pp. 1-3
1973.06.19 Madam Indira GandhiP.M. of Indiapp. 4928-4931
1973.03.30 Luis EcheverriaConstitutional President of United Mexican Statespp. 2799-2804
1972.04.14 Richard M. NixonU.S. Presidentpp. 1327-1330
1967.07.01 Her Majesty the Queen pp. 2250-2251 (Debates of July 4, 1967)
1961.05.17 John F. KennedyU.S. Presidentpp. 4962-4965
1958.07.21 Hon. Dr. Kwame NkrumahP.M. of Ghanapp. 2515-2517
1958.07.09 Dwight D. EisenhowerU.S. Presidentpp. 2082-2086
1958.06.13 Rt. Hon. Harold MacmillanP.M. of the United Kingdompp. 1150-1152
1958.06.02 Professor Theodor HeussPresident of Federal Republic of Germanypp. 772-773
1957.10.14 Her Majesty the Queen(Speech from the throne)pp. 5-6
1957.03.04 His Excellency Guy MolletPremier of Francepp. 1868-1872
1956.06.05 His Excellency Dr. SukarnoIndonesian Presidentpp. 4777-4781
1956.03.05 His Excellency Giovanni GronchiItalian Presidentpp. 1830-1832
1956.02.06 Rt. Hon. Sir Anthony EdenP.M. of Great Britainpp. 906-908
1953.11.14 Dwight D. EisenhowerU.S. Presidentpp. 23-28
1951.04.05 Vincent AuriolFrench Republic Presidentpp. 1664-1667
1950.05.31 Hon. Liaquat Ali KhanP.M. of Pakistanpp. 3042-3044
1949.10.24 Pandit Jawaharlal NehruP.M. of Indiapp. 1103-1105
1947.06.11 Harry S. TrumanU.S. Presidentpp. 4062-4064
1945.11.19 Rt. Hon. Clement R. AttleeP.M. of Great Britainpp. 2276-2280
1944.06.30 Rt. Hon. Peter FraserP.M. of New Zealandpp. 4421-4426
1944.06.01 Rt. Hon. John C. CurtinP.M. of Australiapp. 3453-3460
1943.06.03 Eduard BenesCzechoslovakian Presidentpp. 3328-3333
1941.12.30 Rt. Hon. Winston S. ChurchillP.M. of Great Britainpp. 4478-4482
1939.05.19 His Majesty the King pp. 4322-4323

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