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Party Standings in the House of Commons (Unofficial)
This list is intended to reflect day-to-day events. Party standings are considered official only once the Clerk of the House of Commons receives either the certificate of election from the Chief Electoral Officer or an official communication from an MP. For confirmation of official party standings in the House of Commons, click here.

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Women Candidates in General Elections
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Province / TerritoryLib.N.D.P.C.P.C.B.Q.G.P.Occupied
seats (Women)
seats (Total)
Alberta1453315.15 %
British Columbia5321114126.83 %
Manitoba11131421.43 %
New Brunswick331030.00 %
Newfoundland and Labrador22633.33 %
Northwest Territories10.00 %
Nova Scotia11119.09 %
Nunavut10.00 %
Ontario30464012033.33 %
Prince Edward Island40.00 %
Quebec10712207725.97 %
Saskatchewan2241330.77 %
Yukon10.00 %
Total Seats521816218933226.81 %


Updated on: 2017/10/02

Revised on: 2017/10/03

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