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House of Commons - Procedural Officers and Senior Officials

The House of Commons has senior procedural officers and other officials, who are responsible for the administration of the House. While appointed by the Governor in Council, they exist to serve the House of Commons, and are part of the legislative branch.

The officials of the House of Commons are:

  • the Clerk of the House,
  • the Deputy Clerk,
  • the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel,
  • the Clerk Assistant, and
  • the Sergeant-at-Arms

Clerks of the House of Commons

The Clerk of the House of Commons is the chief procedural advisor to the Speaker and MPs. The Clerk also has extensive duties related to the overall management of the House of Commons.

Clerks Assistant

Because of the scarcity of source material it is extremely difficult to identify the persons who held the position of Clerk Assistant - except in recent years - and next to impossible to give exact dates of tenure of office. Total accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


A senior official of the House appointed by Governor in Council, the Sergeant-at Arms assists the Clerk as head of parliamentary precinct services, performing certain ceremonial functions and being responsible for security and building services.